Contact Us

Apparently, you want to contact me—I can't imagine why, but you do. And while I keep advocating the use of smoke signals, carrier pigeons, or some sort of tin can and string apparatus, you all insist on things like email and whatnot. Sure, maybe it's convienant and doesn't poop on you like a pigeon would, but it lacks elegance. Also, I want to dress my pigeon up as an old-timey aviator, and you just can't do that with an email.


But hey, fine, I get it. So to contact me:

Twitter: @LishMcBride

Facebook: Lish McBride, author (This is my author page. The personal page is for family and such.)

Instagram: lishmcbride


Newsletter! Keep up with my mysterious doings here!

Things I will accept: love notes, candy, ponies (I'm not sure how you'd fit a pony into an email...but I'm willing to find out.)

Things I will not accept: severed heads, vials of your blood, black licorice. 

For business* type things contact Jason Anthony of Massie & McQuilkin at Otherwise I spend too much time wearing a monocle and a fake mustache and pretending that I know "things" about the publishing business, which wastes everyone's time, except possibly my own.

Other contact info you might need:

My publiscist, Morgan Dubin of Macmillan Children's Publishing Group. Email: She handles things like speaking/event requestsreview copies.

Remember, sometimes things get lost in inboxes. If you don't hear back after a bit, polite** reminders are okay. Also, as we are busy***, don't wait until the last minute to contact us. 


*This includes blurb requests, library visits, skype chat requests, questions regaurding book/foreign/movie rights information, and shady business deals. You can try to email me for blurbs or skype chats without going though my agent, but sometimes I get buried under my email pile metaphorically speaking, and he’s good at bringing things to my attention.

**If you're not polite, we'll set the bears on you.

***probaby playing pinball.